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Self-Assessment in Clinical Laboratory Science II

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By: Edited by Alan H.B. Wu
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Copyright: 2008
Pages: 381
ISBN: 9781594250873
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2nd volume in the"Self-Assessment" Series.
Incredibly, we have seen the first wave of retirement of the "baby boomer" generation of clinical chemists and laboratory scientists, with more to follow. This has created renewed employment opportunities in academia and clinical laboratories for our graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Self-Assessment in Clinical Laboratory Science II was written as a supplement to Self-Assessment in Clinical Laboratory Science, Third Edition, to assist the next generation in passing certification examinations such as those offered in clinical chemistry, toxicology chemistry, and molecular diagnostics by the American Board of Clinical Chemistry.

Although it has been eight years since the publication of the third edition of Self-Assessment in Clinical Laboratory Science, the content remains relevant. This new volume includes entirely new questions, written by 47 authors who are experts in their respective fields, and as with previous editions of Self-Assessment in Clinical Laboratory Science, the scope of topics has expanded to include new sections and subsections on coagulation, infectious disease serology, molecular virology, evidence-based medicine, analysis of body fluids, fertility and pregnancy, allergy, and hemoglobinopathies.

Whether you are a student or practicing clinical scientist, this book will assist you in determining the gaps in knowledge that you may have, so that you can better study for certification examinations and remain current in this rapidly changing field.