Pre-Employment Drug and Alcohol Testing: A Pocket Guide


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Amitava Dasgupta
Copyright: 2011
Pages: 109
ISBN: 9781594251108
TrimSize: 4 x 6
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Drug and alcohol abuse is a serious public health and safety issue, resulting in losses of $100 billion annually in the United States . Workplace drug testing programs have been instituted to deter employees from abusing drugs.


Written in less technical language than comparable reference books in this field, Pre-Employment Drug and Alcohol Testing: A Pocket Guide examines all topics related to testing for drug and alcohol abuse, including


  • pre-employment and workplace drug and alcohol testing programs;
  • federally mandated and non-federally mandated drug testing;
  • impact of prescription and non-prescription medicines on drug tests;
  • impact of foods, industrial hemp products, herbal teas, and passive marijuana inhalation on drug tests;
  • ways individuals try to beat the system;
  • legal issues in pre-employment and workplace alcohol testing programs; and 
  • guidance on avoiding the sources of false-positive drug testing results.

Medical professionals such as medical technologists, toxicologists, clinical chemists, and laboratory administrators, as well as human resources professionals, will find Pre-Employment Drug and Alcohol Testing: A Pocket Guide a useful reference.