Quick Guide to Autoimmune Disease Serology

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Robin G. Lorenz and Moon H. Nahm
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Copyright: 2012
Pages: 74
ISBN: 9781594251429
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The Quick Guide to Autoimmune Disease Serology is intended as a brief reference for medical residents and students, physicians, physician assistants, nurses, and medical technologists who detect and diagnose autoimmune diseases.

The signs and symptoms of many autoimmune diseases can be relatively common, thus making the diagnoses of these diseases a difficult undertaking. Many of the autoantibodies listed in this Quick Guide are only markers associated with the disease and may not be involved in the pathogenesis of the disease. In addition, many of these autoantibodies can be found in several different autoimmune diseases; therefore, their presence cannot be used for a conclusive diagnosis of any specific disease. The assay and antibody descriptions included in this Quick Guide have been significantly simplified so that they can be rapidly read, understood, and utilized.