Quick Guide to Laboratory Statistics and Quality Control

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George A. Fritsma and David L. McGlasson
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Copyright: 2012
Pages: 54
ISBN: 9781594251412
TrimSize: 4 x 6
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The Quick Guide to Laboratory Statistics and Quality Control provides instructions for medical laboratory scientists, quality assurance specialists, and directors so they can develop, modify, and validate laboratory instruments and assays to meet rigorous quality standards.

The Guide outlines ways of determining accuracy and precision among assays, statistically validating them, and examining and establishing their clinical efficacy. The Guide is also intended as a reference for product support specialists so they can place and certify newly installed instruments and purchased assays.

The Guide can be used to assist physicians, pharmacists, pathologists, physician assistants, and medical fellows, residents, and students in understanding how reliability is built into laboratory assays. Further, the Guide provides a means by which laboratory data may be "mined" to develop medical research data. The information contained in this Quick Guide also clarifies laboratory assay utilization to help predict, diagnose, and monitor therapy for clinical conditions and disease.